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IPL Hair Removal FAQs

How does IPL Laser Hair Removal work?

How long does it take, on average, to see results?

How long are the recommended treatments?

Are the treatments painful?

What is the lifetime of the IPL system?

How do you use IPL?

Which areas of my body can I use IPL on?

Should I still shave before or after using the IPL?

How often should IPL be used?

Does IPL work on all skin tones?

Can I use IPL over Freckles or Moles?

Are there any side effects to using IPL?

What is the recommended minimum age for IPL treatment?

Can I use IPL while pregnant or breastfeeding?

How is the IPL system powered?

Does this remove hair permanently?

Can men also use the IPL system?

Do you accept returns?

How long does shipping take?

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