Are Beauty Products Important During COVID?


A beauty routine is so important for your mental health and now more then ever during COVID 19 it's important we all implement some kind of routine that delivers a result that makes us feel good about ourselves.  

According to an article 

My ME ROUTINE changed from focusing on concealing my imperfections with makeup, and I started to focus on treating myself with simple things that made me feel good, and played off of my natural beauty. 

I started first with my skin care routine, taking care of my skin boosted my mood throughout the day, and I started liking my skin without makeup, MORE ME REAL ME ROUTINE

Then, I started permanent hair removal with my IPL Laser Hair Removal Device.  I have the time, and it was refreshing to do something that would have a long term effect, considering I hate shaving.  Having this goal of permanent hair removal gave me something fun to look forward to.  

So yes, beauty products are still important during COVID, just different types, maybe you find yourself ordering less lipstick, but that doesn't mean you can't transition to something else, something that allows you to treat yourself, but not in a way that will leave with the feeling of (well this is pointless) 





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